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    AIDANO s.r.o. is a dynamically developing company, which belongs to the top of its field in the Czech Republic. For many years, it has been producing EMT devices for low-frequency pulse magnetotherapy.

    At various foreign destinations, we are continuing our long-term cooperation with distribution companies as well as with healthcare institutions. Currently, we have a solid market place in several European countries and we are constantly penetrating another markets. The company bases itself primarily on the quality of EMT products that are created by honest manual work by our professionals.

About magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy is a very effective physiotherapeutic method using electromagnetic field effects. It is a synergy of modern technology with proven healing methods, successfully practiced for several millennia. Those who use pulse magnetotherapy have a very positive experience with a much faster and more intensive onset of treatment than conventional magnetotherapy alone. Magnetotherapy is more effective and reduces overall recovery time, resulting in a sharp reduction in medication. Setting up and using magnetotherapy applications is very simple and convenient for all ages.

Magnetotherapy is not a method for older or sick patients – it is also suitable for athletes to relax the stressed muscles.


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